Recently my husband and I were in Denny’s in Beaverdam for lunch. When we were ready to leave when the waitress told us a lady in the restaurant had paid our bill.

What a nice and kind gesture.

We want to thank her for a very generous gift. We will pay it forward.

This is a second time this has happened to us. A few weeks ago we were in Aldis on Elida Road and a young girl paid for our groceries. I want to extend my thanks to her, t00.

Since I have become handicapped I have noticed how generous people are to open doors, hold a door open, help you go up steps, hold your chair for you to get it and more. It is so much appreciated.

I want to extend our thanks to each of you. I wish you really knew how much your kindness is appreciated.

Joann Barhorst, Harrod

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