Letter: Tough day made better

After perusing the value menu on Nov. 17 at the Burger King on Elida Road, I told the cashier, “It’s my birthday, I’m going to treat myself to a Whopper and a cola.”

Immediately, a lovely voice from behind me said to put it on her tab. Thinking she was joking, I pulled $8 out of my wallt to pay for my order. However, both the cashier and the lady insisted she was taking care of it.

While I thanked that lady in person, I would like to take this forum to say “thank you!” to her again. The kindness you showed to a total stranger will not be forgotten. You brought a ray of sunshine into my first birthday without one of God’s most precious gifts to me — my wonderful wife of nearly 31 years.

I would also like to apologize to that kind lady for having laughingly added to my earlier thanks a “thanks mom.” After thinking it over, I can see how that careless jest might be taken as an insult; while you may be a few years older than this 25-year-old guy trapped in a 61-year-old-and-aging body, I did not mean to imply that you were anywhere near the 82 years my late mother would be. That offhanded jest was uncalled for.

The kindness this woman showed to a total stranger is something more of us should emulate. After completing my meal, I gave the cashier the $8 I would have spent and asked him to pass it on. I plan to occasionally pass this kindness along in the future also.

William Ream, Lima


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