Letter: Good luck getting driver’s license

My Ohio driver’s license issued in Allen County on August 30, 2016, was expiring. I am an 87-year-old citizen living in a local retirement community, so I returned to the same licensing office.

It took five visits and about a day of my time, and over $50 in charges, to obtain a “standard” driver’s license. I wanted a “certified” driver’s license, which is the only way to fly out of Ohio beginning October 1, 2020, as I have family in six states. We are told by the Better Business Bureau and others not to carry our Social Security card for ID theft protection.

My 72-year-old Social Security card got lost at home. On the fourth trip, I was told to bring in a 1099 R tax return form — which I did — and it was refused because it only had the last four Social Security numbers. My proof of residency — retirement community monthly invoice — was refused because it wasn’t listed on the Ohio BVM Form 2430(760-1282). This form is not mailed to persons needing a driver’s license renewal.

Does Ohio realize the new requirements will force more people to drive with no license or insurance? The affect this situation will have on family life after October 1 next year is likely to be undesirable.

Clarence Snook, Lima


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