Letter: Need to obey laws of church

I hale the column of Christine M. Flowers concerning the denial of communion to former Vice President Joe Biden.

The teaching and laws of the Catholic Church are common knowledge and will not be changed. It should not surprise Mr. Biden that he was denied. If he is so “devout,” he should know better. I was shocked and angered when Mass was said at the vice presidential residence for his second inauguration (and shame on the priest who violated church teaching and said the Mass). I wish more more priests had the backbone to deny like this priest did.

To Catholics who disagree with the denial: The Church is not a democracy. Jesus did not conduct a democracy among the people or His disciples. He did not flinch from His teachings. Can we? All the teachings and laws were stated with accuracy in Christine’s column.

Politicians take heed. If you persist in your stance in allowing innocent, voiceless lives to be killed, you will not have my vote. (Or is it all the campaign funding you get from Planned Parenthood, who in turn gets it from a government who permits these murders?)

Please heed Nancy Pelosi.

Marlene Schulze, Lima


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