Letter: Attack on Jordan not surprising

Congressman Jordan is doing the job that we sent him to Washington to do: he’s fighting for us. He’s defending President Trump, who we voted for, from this ridiculous impeachment sham. Liberals and the mainstream media will do anything to take him down if it helps them take down the president.

That’s why it’s no surprise that just as news breaks that Jordan will be joining the House Intelligence Committee to defend the president in the public impeachment hearings, the liberal press stirs up new fake news against our congressman. We all know that Congressman Jordan would have been the very first person to defend his wrestlers from abuse. He fights for us each and every day.

We’ve seen this tactic before. The liberal media loves to distract from the great work President Trump is doing for the American people. They rarely report on the booming economy, all the great judges that have been confirmed, or our successes overseas. They’d rather focus on the drummed-up scandal of the day.

This latest hit job against Congressman Jordan is no different.

Tracie J. Sanchez, Lima


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