Letter: In search of answers

People who have mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts or uncles in a nursing home must not just put them there and forget about them.

Lucy Edith Banks, born Sept. 14, 1916, died at a nursing home in Lima at the age of 102. The family was planning a big birthday party to celebrate her 103rd birthday. However, on Aug. 30 or 31, she fell and was taken to the hospital. Family members weren’t informed of the fall, neither was the director of the nursing home. Lucy Banks might have had a concussion or suffered other bodily harm. She had bruises on her forehead. She contacted bed sores during her stay. We deserve answers on exactly what happened.

My mother may not have been able to see well, however, she knew our voices. She was very intelligent, a great mother, hard worker and believed in the Lord.

Cheryl K. Banks Crisp, Lima


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