Letter: An assault on American decency

It should be clear to all that the Trump philosophy in life is to prove that the anvil will always outlive the hammer as he continues to abuse American values.

Throughout his presidency, he has lived on the edge of American historical decency. This latest episode of withholding funding from Ukraine, is his latest assault on that decency. He claims that funds were withheld because he wanted corruption investigated regarding the Ukrainian government, investigations that just happened to target Joe and Hunter Biden. By the extension of that argument, one could conclude that no where else in the world was corruption so bad that his own personal attorney would need to be dispatched.

Not Russia.

Not North Korea.

Not Venezuela,

Not even Saudi Arabia.

When an American reporter was murdered at the direction of Mohammed Bin Salman, no corruption investigation was ordered. In fact, Mohammed Bin Salman was given a pat on the back by this president and his personal attorney remained in the comfort of his warm office.

Yes, the anvil will always outlive the hammer just as decency will always outlive evil. In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson; “You shall have joy or power, you shall not have both”.

Charles Thomas, Lima



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