Letter: Three proposed steps to a better democracy

My name is Noah Gabriel Aregood, and I am a young, politically active independent from right here in Lima, Ohio. As I move towards the next stage in my life, towards a political science major, I aspire to become one of the great leaders of this monumental country we call home.

I write today to introduce my first official policy proposal: A plan to revitalize and secure democracy. With this nonpartisan three-step plan, I hope to start a dialogue here in Lima, in surrounding areas, in Ohio and even throughout the nation. It’s time to put the power back into the hands of the people.

Step 1: Make Election Day a national holiday. We should assure that everybody who can vote has the time and opportunity to do so.

Step 2: Institute ranked-choice voting. Give voters more choices in elections by allowing them to rank all available candidates by preference.

Step 3: Adopt a national direct ballot initiative. Allow voters to directly vote on the top three to five issues during presidential elections.

Noah Aregood, Lima


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