Letter: Snakes, rats and Democrats attack a good president

Now we have this fake impeachment “investigation.” Adam Schiff is an embarrassment. The Democrats are all in for impeachment. The media is all in too. While all of this is going on, the illegals are still flooding our border. Congress has been diverted from actually running this country.

The immigration rules are not being rewritten. They need to be. New trade agreements are not being implemented. They need to be. So many things need to be done that actually benefit this country.

But the Democrats are wasting time and money on their hatred of Donald Trump for winning in 2016. Adam Schiff actually puts the rat in Democrat.

Aren’t the national economic statistics since Trump took office enough to show the American people that Trump has been good for this country? The stock market is at record levels. Unemployment for blacks and Hispanics are at record lows. All of these statistics have improved because of Trump’s initiatives, cutting back government regulations and reducing taxes.

So many things that need done have not been done because of Democrat obstruction and refusal to actually legislate. Republicans need to get on the stick and work for the next year to elect Republicans and re-elect President Trump in 2020.

We know what else needs done. No. 1 after we take back the House, and keep the White House, is to get immigration under control. Any rewrite of the immigration laws needs to include an end to chain migration, anchor babies and the lottery.

As we have all watched for the past three years, the Democrat snakes have been of single mind to get rid of President Trump.

Phillip C. Sellati, Lima


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