Letter: GOP claims don’t add up

The House has three committees investigating the possible impeachment of Donald Trump. On these committees are 48 positions that belong to the Republican Party. One of these seats belongs to Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader. Another belongs to Ohio’s District 4 representative, Jim Jordan. So these meetings are not being held in secret. Each committee member and their staff are allowed equal time to question the witness.

As alleged, these meetings are being held in a basement room of the House. That’s true, that room is called a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility). Sensitive topics are discussed in this highly secure room. (The Republicans that broke in to that room while the committee was in session should be stripped of their security clearances and removed from any committee that handles sensitive information. That room will have to be completely re-secured all over again.)

There is nothing covert about these meetings. The Democrats are using procedures put in place by a Republican vote in 2015. Thursday’s vote changed those rules. Trey Gowdy of “Benghazi-Benghazi-Benghazi” fame said, at that time, that the first meetings (of this type) should be held behind closed doors because, without TV cameras, witnesses tend to be more talkative and committee members tend to stay more focused.

As far as what is an impeachable offense, back in the day when Lindsey Graham was part of the Bill Clinton impeachment staff, he said that the president not providing Congressionally requested documents is an impeachable offense all by itself.

Apparently he has had a change of heart !

Clarence C. Roller, Lima


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