Letter: Wrong way to cut drug costs

Twenty-years ago I received a bone marrow transplant from my sister that saved me from leukemia. I survived because there has been a wide variety of medications used to treat all the damage caused to my body from the hundreds of doses of chemo and radiation I needed. My only chance to keep living is the discovery and development of new medications and treatments. The medications I take for the damage from my treatments are losing their effectiveness. My life literally depends on researchers finding the next medications to keep me alive.

I am very afraid that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s plan, HR 3, to cut drug costs will be the end of the road for me. Socialized health care like government price controls and fines on the drug companies for medications means that researchers will be forced to cut their work. While it may save the government a little money, Pelosi’s plan threatens patients like me. I’m glad I was able to see my son grow and graduate high school. I wouldn’t mind sticking around and see him meet a nice girl, get married and give me some grandkids to spoil.

I have reached out to Senator Portman, Congressman Latta and Congressman Jordan to share my concerns. I encourage everyone else who takes medications or has a loved one taking medications to contact these folks right away and share their concerns about this dangerous plan. There are a lot of ways to lower drug costs, like going after the insurance companies, they just need to look at all their options.

Travis Snyder, Ohio City


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