Letter: Experience benefits Jackson Township

My name is Tommy Agler. I am running for Jackson Township Trustee on Tuesday, Nov. 5th. My 21 years of work experience for the Allen County Engineers office has given me the understanding and knowledge of the township trustee position. Seventeen of those years I served as foreman for the east side road crew where I had the privilege of working with Jackson, Auglaize, Bath, Monroe, Perry and Richland townships.

I worked with the trustees and helped them make important financial road maintenance and improvement decisions. I responded to calls from the Allen County Sheriffs Department regarding snow removal, down trees and power lines, high water and erosion issues to keep the roads in the townships safe.

I recently chose a different career path to better my family which also opened up the opportunity to serve as an elected official putting my 21 years work experience and knowledge to use in my community.

I would appreciate your support and vote to elect me as Jackson Township Trustee on Tuesday.

Tommy Agler, Jackson Township


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