Letter: Believers needed to move Lima forward

Community pride should be a community aspiration. Pride is a life-long relationship with your community. It is decades of serving on community boards and volunteering to improve our city and its quality of life. Pride is successfully championing a $15 million building project in the heart of a city for a company that has been rooted there for more than 130 years. We need believers to move our city forward. I’m a believer and I ask you to be one too.

For the past 10 years I have been working in the area of economic development for Dominion in our region. I respond to economic development requests at a local, regional and state level. I spend time with site-consultants and economic development professionals throughout a ten-county area to help attract new business. I have been an integral part of the process that brought projects to our area that generated $700 million in investment and created more than 1500 jobs for our regional friends and neighbors.

Housing integrity is paramount for growth in our community. Overhauling and enforcing code is critical to neighborhood development. Inviting stakeholders to the table to discuss solutions seems like a common sense step for a city that has watched its percentage of rental properties climb to nearly 70 percent. EVERY ward has been affected by this issue and it needs to be addressed with urgency.

The beauty of local government is its latitude to create and implement solutions quickly and cooperatively without the bureaucracy we see at the state and federal level. We know each other, we see each other often and our constituents are within arm’s reach.

Peggy Ehora

Candidate, 4th Ward City Council


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