Letter: Conant residents being scammed

The small community of Conant, located between Spencerville and Lima, is being scammed by county officials on a petition drainage project that wasn’t needed or wanted by the residents.

The Amanda Township trustees filed this drainage petition to install new drain tile through Conant even though the existing tile was working. None of the trustees had property connected to the project. The cost to the residents is $13,000.

The whole project is on county property or right of way. The original drainage system was not a petition project so why are the residents having to pay for this one?

The Allen County drainage engineers charged $5,000 to $6,000 for the survey. The information already existed. Isn’t that what they ‘re already paid to do? They wouldn’t listen to the residents about the actual problem and how to fix it.

The Allen County commissioners held the required hearings at 1:30 in the afternoon so anyone who works couldn’t come, and no information was sent to these residents if they objected to the project.

The Allen County Port Authority knew about the blocked drainage on their property for 29 years, but refused to do anything about it.

It’s bad enough for taxpayers paying for a project that was needed, but to scam 16 residents for a county project isn’t right!

Ron Shook, Spencerville


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