Letter: Glenn involved with sch0ols

I have long been an advocate for our community, its residents and most of all, its children. Education and safety for every family are two issues that cannot be disregarded, especially by our elected officials. Because of these long-standing values, I have been a supporter of Lima City Councilman, Dr. Derry Glenn.

I have been aware of his relentless actions in support of not only higher education by supporting HBSU institutions, and Ohio colleges, but have also noticed his involvement in local elementary, middle and high schools. I’ve had the opportunity to watch as he has stepped out in support of after school programs and tutoring opportunities as well.

Our community growth depends on the upcoming leadership having every economic and educational advantage placed within reach. I am enthusiastically supporting his campaign to retain his seat on the Lima City Council and will continue to work beside him as we champion opportunities for youth in Lima to rise to their highest possible aspirations.

In my opinion, we are blessed to have a councilman that is so dedicated to the people in his ward and our entire community.

Denise Cobb, Lima


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