Letter: Chris Seddelmeyer cares about Shawnee

I am writing this letter after saying I would never do this. I am writing to give some information about a Shawnee Township Trustee who is running for reelection. I think I know Chris Seddelmeyer better than anyone after 47 years of marriage.

Over the past 12 years I have watched as Chris has given her heart and soul to help make Shawnee Township the best it could be. She was born and raised here, attended Shawnee Schools, watched as our three sons graduated from Shawnee, and now watch as three of our grandchildren enjoy the outstanding education provided by our school system.

I have seen Chris spend countless hours sitting on many boards, while sacrificing her spare time trying to get the best for our township. I have shared in many of the joyous successes (such as Blue Jacket Court and the new industrial park) and have tried to ease the pain in her tears when decisions came down against what Chris felt was best for Shawnee.

I cannot begin to tell you how much she cares about the residents of Shawnee Township. If you truly care about the best leadership for our township please consider voting for Chris Seddelmeyer who cares about our township.

Lou Seddelmeyer, Shawnee Township


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