Letter: McLean, Glenn good choices

Concerning the Lima City Council election, educate yourself before you vote.

I have found both Sam McLean and Derry Glenn to be sincere in what they do, willing to listen, and not just a rubber stamp for the mayor. These are very important attributes. Do their opponents fit the same mold?

As to the recent comments concerning Sam McLean and the 318 Restaurant: It is always important to use local contractors and local labor) and that appears for the most part what happened. This is not always possible to do as small projects often have to go begging for contractors to get bids. The 318 is a great addition and compliment to downtown Lima. Both Sam McLean (although no longer an owner) and Ray Magnus deserve kudos for this facility.

Derry Glenn has always worked very hard for the city and especially his constituents. He is very vocal about their concerns, needs, and working as a community — it is important.

To whoever prevails, please do the city justice: Work with the mayor, and insist that he do the same. Insist on all subject information; not just what the administration chooses to provide you. Don’t just be a rubber stamp.

I do not live in either of their wards, but if you do; educate yourself before you vote.

David 0. Smith, Lima

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