Thirty-nine years ago, we met our new roommate at Ohio University. Her name was Peggy Ann Fisher, and she hailed from Lima, Ohio, which we learned was a few hours across the state from the Cleveland area we called home. Throughout our years of friendship, we have loved Lima through her eyes as much as she loved Cleveland through ours. It was really no surprise that our plans for her to live with us in the “big city” were derailed when she chose to build her life around the area she called home.

If we know anything about Peg is that she loves Lima. For those of us that thought the world revolved around northeast Ohio, she championed the beauty of the northwest region with more enthusiasm than all of us combined. We all figured she would be the mayor someday, so a seat on city council seems long overdue.

She has been involved in just about every aspect of life that Lima has to offer and she has done it well, with professionalism, pride and a loyalty that is the very core of her being. There are no bigger cheerleaders as she runs for the 4th Ward seat, than the many friends she met in Athens nearly 40 years ago. We only regret we don’t live there to cast a vote ourselves.

Please vote for our friend Peggy Fisher Ehora on Nov. 5. You will get all the great gifts that she possesses and we will come visit and get a Kewpee (with olives).

Mary Ellen Snyder, Macedonia, Ohio


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