I was born and raised in Lima. I’ve seen people in my neighborhood and even my own family go through a lot of things. Bad times, rough periods that lasted way too long, I was always taught not to ask anyone for help. We learned early that some things are just a part of life, and suffering from time to time is part of that. The problem is, for a lot of people, the suffering never seems to stop, and if you’re looking for a comforting voice, it can sometimes feel the deep, dark, despair of depression shuts out any ray of hope that might try to come through.

I would like to thank Dr. Derry Glenn for being a person that has helped me see that there is still light in the world. I could tell the moment I called and told him what was happening to me, that for him, being a city councilman, is more than just a job. In fact, when I called him the first time, I didn’t even live in his ward, but he helped me just the same. Since then, I do live in the 6th ward and I can’t believe all the programs, recognitions and support activities he has put into place to help people.

The work he does with the youth program he calls Hire-A-Kid has made a huge difference for some of the kids my sons hang out with. Several people in our neighborhood have received turkeys for Thanksgiving, free paint for their houses, even cleaning products, clothing.

I don’t want to imagine a Lima without him in that leadership role.

Carol James, Lima

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