Letter: No disputing Glenn’s commitment

The upcoming election brings a certain flair of uncertainty as we listen to candidates tell us what they think we want to hear, causing us to cast our votes for them in November.

I have attended meetings, debates, and engaged in conversations with friends and family, and for the most part, we all want the same thing in a representative. We all want someone who truly knows what it is like to live as a member of the 6th Ward in our city as well as having a grasp on the integral parts of city government that makes the impossible possible.

There are a lot of people with strong views about Dr. Derry Glenn. But whether they are for him or against his re-election, they cannot dispute the service he has provided for the 6th Ward over the decades he has held his seat on Lima City Council.

It is very much a human characteristic to slow down as we become older or to begin “resting on our laurels.” However, Dr. Glenn has shown no signs of either of those traits. His energy is unprecedented in politics in Lima. I have yet to meet the person that could say they have ever approached him for help, and he refused to either connect them to the right person or take on the project himself and was physically involved from start to finish.

For my family, he has been rock-solid in his commitment to helping us through some very bad times. I’m confident that he will continue to do his very best for the 6th Ward and all of Lima.

Maxine Dillard, Lima

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