Letter: Time for change in 2nd Ward

I’m Tony Wilkerson, candidate for the 2nd Ward council seat in Lima. I believe it is time for a change.

My focus will be representing every resident of the 2nd Ward — whether you are a homeowner or a renter. If something is not in the best interest of the Second Ward, I will not support it, nor will I cater to any elected officials, business partner(s) and (or) anyone dwelling outside of the 2nd Ward.

The current perception is if we don’t hear anything, all is fine. Sometimes we have to go to the people and listen to their concerns. We shouldn’t ignore concerns of our neighbors, for their concerns are ours or soon will be.

While canvasing the 2nd Ward, I consistently heard our neighbors expressing concerns about the safety of our children. One resident purchased a “Caution Children Playing” sign after pleading with officials about fast-moving traffic. These signs should be made available by the city.

Another resident talked about multiple shootings in her complex. She was told that because she lived in a private complex, increased patrolling by police couldn’t be done. She remains concerned about her safety.

Others told me about the need to retain our talents by lifting up our young and encouraging community growth. I will make all of these concerns my every day mission. I plan to hold quarterly gatherings to continue hearing the feedback of residents.

As my father once said, believed and displayed: “How can we expect growth if we don’t do our part.” I’m ready to make my contribution. I am ready to do my part.

I will appreciate your vote on Election Day.

Tony Wilkerson, Lima

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