Letter: Growing tired of this charlatan president

The feckless withdrawal of our troops from northern Syria is a betrayal of our allies, who believed the U.S. to be a nation of principles. They are not entirely inaccurate in that assumption, as long as the geopolitics aligns with the tacit approval of Putin’s principles. There is footage of a Russian soldier touring an abandoned U.S. army base.

Is this the first time in history we have conceded a U.S. base to Russia?

Trump called his move on Syria “strategically brilliant.” I’m sure Vladimir Putin would concur. When a nation doesn’t recognize its allies, it will find itself without allies and justifiably so.

Gen. James Mattis proudly stated he earned his spurs on the battlefield, not from a doctor’s letter. Retired Admiral William McRaven, architect of the Bin Laden raid, said Trump is working to destroy the country from within and without. Retired Gen. Barry McCaffrey stated he has concluded that Trump is a threat to national security. Retired NSA director Michael Hayden has stated “until now it was not possible for me to conceive of an American president capable of such an outrageous assault on truth, a free press or the first amendment.”

Once again Trump has awarded dictators Putin and Erdogan with a resource-rich land grab, hence an increased sphere of influence. The Kurds, our former allies, have been thrown to the wolves.

As of this writing, Trump is leaning towards leaving troops in Syria to guard the oil fields. Oil, being ever so much more deserving of protection than the lives of human beings. This man isn’t a president, he’s a charlatan impersonating a president.

Marilyn Mackey



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