Letter: Trump has been the president he wanted

Trump wasn’t my first choice for president. After the field of candidates got whittled down to a contest between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, I had no choice but to vote for Trump. I really wanted someone like Atilla the Hun, but Trump hasn’t been a disappointment.

I love it when he jabs that verbal meat fork into the neck of the commie leftists who are trying to destroy this country, a country that was conceived in liberty. Socialism, in any form, is not compatible with freedom. Anyone that follows these lemmings over that cliff will wake up to find themselves slaves to the all-powerful federal government.

Please wake up. They are buying your votes with the offer of free stuff. You need to realize that the government has no money. They are thieves. Governments get their money from people who work and then hand it out to people or corporations that are, in many cases, undeserving.

Once you depend on government to satisfy all of your wants and needs, you are toast.

In the short time since Trump has been elected, I’ve come to realize that he’s the president that I’ve been waiting for since my first election in 1960. I’m well aware of his faults, but he’s doing what I want. I want that wall, I want my guns, I want my freedom of speech. I don’t like government telling me how I have to live my life. If I’m not hurting you, shut the hell up.

This family will be voting for President Trump’s second term in 2020.

Ray Barnes



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