Letter: Public should support Ohio’s House Bill 247

Technology has made the way we use energy in our homes smarter and more efficient. Electric companies, like AEP Ohio, want to make sure that all of our customers benefit from these advances. Without changes to Ohio law, like those included in House Bill 247, we aren’t allowed to work with our customers to help make choices that reduce electric bills and make the most efficient use of the electric grid.

For example, electric vehicle purchases are expected to increase over the next decade. This presents challenges for customers and for AEP Ohio. Customers must find the most efficient way to charge their vehicles at home. AEP Ohio has to ensure that the electric grid on every street continues to provide reliable service as these EVs are charging.

A simple solution is a charger that communicates with a smart meter and manages how vehicles charge. However, the laws in place currently prevent AEP Ohio from offering charging solutions to residential customers.

Additionally, larger customers are looking for solutions to keep their businesses running. Many of these services require a specialized understanding of how the grid works. Under HB 247, AEP Ohio would be able to work with these customers to assess their needs and make recommendations for the best solution – not only for them – but for the grid as a whole.

We need to ensure that all customers have access to smart services in order to see the full benefits of the smart grid we are building. Competitive providers have fallen short of widely offering these services.

HB 247 will allow us to put our century of experience to work for our customers and ensure that they have access to a power grid that is as smart and efficient as possible by putting the most cost effective and efficient solutions to work for them.

Raja Sundararajan

AEP Ohio president and chief operating officer


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