Letter: Sports missed great game

Oh c’mon, sports editors!

There were articles and columns in Sunday’s sports section about every manner of football game, golf, auto racing, cross-country and probably other sports I overlooked. I will admit to some prejudice as a recently returned native who spent the past 35 years in Houston, but the Astros won the American League pennant Saturday night!

Nice article about the Washington Nationals who the ‘Stros will be playing, but not one word about the Astros victory against the Yankees, or Altuve’s incredible performance throughout the series (well, all the team performed well).

Baseball is still a national pastime. How could you neglect this? And I’ve noticed that there was scant baseball coverage during the regular season as well. Ohio has i’s own teams as well! What’s up with that?

William Burg, Lima

Editor’s note: Saturday’s game between Houston and New York was not over at press time.


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