Letter: It’s my right to own guns

I do not need a reason to own firearms. It is my right. The second amendment protects that right.

I watched a few minutes of the Democrat debate and during those few minutes they complained that removing troops from Syria would open the door for Isis to now be a threat here in the U.S.A. In their next breath they spoke of taking guns away and leaving us defenseless. “No need for weapons of war,” they said.

We have a right to protect ourselves from all enemies, foreign and domestic. If we have to protect our families in a war wouldn’t we want weapons of war to fight with?

Most have never seen war firsthand. They only know of it being fought in other countries and not here at home. If war or more terrorist come into this country, wouldn’t you want to be able to defend yourself?

A fox can easily kill the rabbit, but he will give a wide path to the porcupine. By the Democrat candidates logic, If we remove the quills from the porcupine we can save the rabbits life. In reality we have only created another defenseless victim.

I may never have to fight for freedom in this country. My children or their children may never have to fight, but one day my descendants will have to fight. I wont be the ancestor that left them defenseless.

As long as citizens have firearms I am not really worried about a tyrannic government. I’ve talked to many police officers and servicemen and none would take up arms against U.S. citizens. I do however worry about terrorist returning.

Steve F. Ackerman, Harrod


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