Letter: Headline knocking Trump laughable

Seeing the headline in The Lima News made me laugh out loud — “Trump’s presidency in peril.”


With all the accomplishments of the past 2 years and his amazing fan base, those words just sound ludicrous! Large crowds at rallies, campaign promises fulfilled, Americans thriving and working — it’s a win-win situation.

Unfortunately, our newspaper doesn’t report most of Trump’s successes. Did you know at present we have the best economy since 1969? There have been 4 million jobs created since the election. Today we have the lowest unemployment for African, Hispanic and Asian Americans in the history of this country. The fastest growth in manufacturing in 30 years with 4,000 new jobs. Thirty-nine million citizens off food stamps under the Trump administration. Criminal justice reform, opioid and sex trafficking legislation and a new “Right to Try” law for terminally ill people are great strides forward.

President Trump is good for these United States of American and will prevail in 2020.

Regarding the “new” hoax perpetrated against the president, it isn’t even valid. There has been no formal vote of the 435 members of the House. Looks like Pelosi is afraid of the truth and what might be exposed. Why is everything being done behind closed doors? Secrecy in government is bad because American people want transparency and credibility. They know there is no impeachable offense and the raw power of the House is being used inappropriately.

President Trump’s accomplishments are routinely ignored by the media and The Lima News. We are seeing two standards of justice in this fractured media environment. Fair play is a traditional America attribute along with truth, integrity and equality. We will not accept anything less!

Marilyn Gratz, Lima

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