Letter: Science and the role of evolution

This letter is in response to the Oct. 12 letter in The Lima News, “What science should know.”

I hope I am not reading too much into the brief note when I say that the author seems to dismiss out of hand the work of scientist of various disciplines to better understand our world, and our place in it. It is precisely these findings about our world, its origin, ongoing development, and where it might be headed that religions need to hear in order to speak intelligently to their members. Evolution, with its combination of law, chance and an enormous amount of time, is the manner in which God has chosen to bring about this amazing universe, a universe that is still in the process of becoming.

God did not create the world in seven days, and all was not serene and peaceful in our world prior to the advent of humans, and, yes, it would be very surprising indeed, if there were not life elsewhere in our universe.

Al O’Dell, Kalida


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