Letter: Non-public schools at root of problem

Public education has become a political football that has been kicked around a lot. Statistics seem to show that private/charter schools are statically no more successful than the public schools. Sometimes, they are less successful. Yet their unregulated private budgets are funded by tax dollars taken from the public schools.

Public school teachers are expected to work without raises or contracts. When they negotiate for better working conditions, they are painted as the villains of the public-school education processes.

Recently the Ottawa-Glandorf teachers negotiated for a working contract that will require a decent agreement for everyone to live by. In a recent article in The Lima News, the Ottawa-Glandorf superintendent commented that the teachers’ efforts to bargain for a better contract was costing the taxpayers money. Thus, implying that this cost is their fault.

The teacher’s association is a group of professional educators that work directly with the educational processes and needs of every student in the Ottawa-Glandorf public schools’ system. The action of the teachers’ association is necessary to keep and attract the best professional educators that already make up the Ottawa-Glandorf professional staff. The general public can be proud that they have educators who are motivated to maintain and hopefully improve the high educational standards of the Ottawa-Glandorf Public Schools.

That is what public schools are all about. And they do this without expecting to make any corporate profit. It would seem that the many private/charter schools are the real organizations that are costing the taxpayer’s money while making a profit from the taxpayers.

Could that be an educational scam?

Bruce Hodges,

40 year retired public school educator


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