Letter: A man of dignity? — Not!

“Kindness is more important that wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom.”

Perhaps that is one of the more profound reasons why I will never remember the current White House occupant as being a person of wisdom. People often can be heard saying things like “well I didn’t elect a choir boy” or “well they all tell lies.” Those words of comfort might come easily for his supporters, but do they really work when the president’s primary motivational tool seems to be the art of bullying.

When this president mocked a disabled reporter, people laughed, not realizing a child was watching as they gave comfort to that type of behavior. When the president is heard calling someone anything but their birth name, again there is laughter while more children watch. And when a video shows the president admitting to a sexual assault, his supporters reply “so what.” Once again , a child was watching.

Because of today’s media world, your children are not just your children. They are the children of the world. Having a president of delusional behavior adding to that complicated world only makes that growing process a little more difficult.

Three years ago, I wasn’t a fan of this president, today even less. I’m left to wonder just what is it that I see that his supporters cannot? He has claimed to have defeated ISIS with no credit at all going to the people that actually did the fighting and dying — the same people that he so willingly abandoned when he had no further use for them, much the same way he has discarded Sessions, Mattis, Cohen, Kelley and Bolton.

Integrity and dignity doesn’t come around looking like this.

Charles Thomas, Lima


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