Letter: Gun enthusiasts need to get real

I can understand why former President Obama said “they cling to their guns” as a kind of security blanket because these gun advocates cannot understand why so many people today oppose them.

Since these gun advocates are so sure they are right in believing “guns make us safer,” I have some questions:

Please explain why the annual homicide rate in Detroit exceeds 400 (in the 1970’s it was over 700) while just a stone’s throw across the Detroit River in Windsor, Ontario, the annual homicide rate never reached 10?

Japan has a population about half that of the United States, people are living on four small islands with a spine of mountains running across the middle of each. One would think being crammed in like sardines we would find hundreds of cases of gun homicides. The fact is Japan has less than 10 gun homicide cases each year. HINT. Even police do not carry guns in Japan.

Finally just across the pond from us we have western European countries. Y0u can check the statistics on this: not one country in western Europe has a gun problem! How is it this vast array of nations goes about their daily business without dire headlines about a school shooting, road rage killings, work place violence or family tragedies caused by having guns in the home.

And you are trying to convince me we “are safer with guns?” America has millions of guns floating around, no background checks in flea market sales nor any effort to find out the mental health of millions of gun owners nationwide?

Get real you gun enthusiasts.

Carl D. Liechty, Bluffton

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