Letter: Cleven Jones man of character

“You will know them by their fruit.”

I lived in Lima for 40 years. My mother worked as a bookkeeper at the old A&P grocery store in Shawnee. Cleven Jones, candidate for 6th Ward Lima council, worked there after school as a stock clerk and bagger.

Naturally, keeping books, my mother worked second shift and closed the books for the day. Mr. Jones, working after school, worked the same hours.

Whenever Mr. Jones worked, he would routinely walk my mother to her car to make sure she was safe. In the winter time, he would warm her car up for her and clean/scrape her windows if needed. All this, as a teenager.

As a 53-year-old man myself, I have found that most men become more mature, more compassionate, and more caring as they get older. If a teenage man shows this spirit of kindness and caring, he naturally becomes more kind and more caring as he becomes older. If he shows this “fruit” as a teenager, the odds are this “fruit” has remained with him his entire life.

Although I do not live in 6th ward, if I did, Mr. Jones would receive my vote. There is a quote that states, “Character is what you do when no one is watching.” Mr. Jones didn’t have an audience or was he grandstanding when he was helping my mother. He was showing his heart/character.

Mr. Jones, I thank you for kindness towards my mother, and all the best with your candidacy.

Cameron Moffett, Vinton, Ohio


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