Happy Birthday,Vlad, from Donald

Our traitorous president has announced withdrawal of US troops from the Kurdish region of Syria.

The Kurds fought side by side with US troops to destroy the ISIS caliphate and 11,000 died in the effort. And how does President Trump reward their loyalty? By abandoning them to the Turks.

Why, you might ask? Protecting income flow from Trump Towers Istanbul? Payoff to Turkey for covering up the Khashoggi murder by Trump’s allies? Obedience to Putin? It’s a multiple-choice question. No wrong answer. Next, Trump withdrew from the Open Skies Treaty. This treaty was formed to monitor Russian military aggression.

So Trump is now officially turning a blind eye, granting Putin unlimited power to invade.

Remind anyone of another ruthless leader from the 1930-1940’s yet? Trump is the modern day Neville Chamberlain, appease the aggressor.

Happy Birthday Vlad, you received a green light to proceed with your dreams of empire.

Marilyn Mackey, Elida


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