Letter: Tiresome temper tantrum

When are the leaders of the Democratic Party going to stop throwing this tiresome temper tantrum? Seems they can’t get over the choice of the American people! Valuable time and money wasted with the Russia hoax, time they could have used on meeting the needs of our country. Because that scam didn’t work they have started on a new one. They are working for their own political purposes.

Why are these people getting paid big bucks? They have done nothing on healthcare, gun control, drug costs things that are important to the American people. All they want to do is take our voice away and get rid of this president. We, the despicable, wanted this outsider to come in and change the way government was being run. To take our country back. Conservatism is under assault!

Unfortunately, they have the media working with them slanting any news out of Washington. “60 Minutes” was recently called out by the lawyer of the whistleblower for mispresenting the information he gave them. Adam Schiff completely lied to us all about the contents of transcript that Trump willing gave to show transparency. He thought it was funny! This is treasonous!

Most tragically, we the people are their real target because we have minds of our own. We will not accept what they are selling. Big government, open borders, universal healthcare, abortion, 16 year olds voting, control what we eat, get rid of electoral college, reverse the rules that that has sustained this country for years. Pres Trump did nothing wrong. We have a 1999 mutual treaty with the Ukraine to investigate corruption.

Democrats need to accept reality and get back to the business of meeting the needs of the American people. That’s what you are getting paid to do.

Marilyn Gratz, Lima


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