Letter: Bats are our buddies

One quarter of the world’s mammal species are bats. However, bats often have a bad reputation. They’re thought of as dirty, disease-carrying animals that fly into people’s hair. However, the facts far outnumber the myths.

Bats aren’t dirty. They spend a lot of time grooming each other. They also never fly into people’s hair. Also, contrary to the old saying, bats are not blind; they can see very well.

Also, we benefit from the many of the bat species that live in our state. They eat mosquitoes, which often bite us, and they eat moths, whose larvae do damage to our crops. It would be a good idea to build a bat house in your yard, since some bat species are threatened by habitat loss. In short, bats are our friends, not our foes.

Thomas Miller Huffman, Lima


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