Letter: Don’t treat voters like a bunch of idiots

As Americans we hate to lose at anything. Being that said, we must keep things in perspective no matter how upset we are.

I have noticed that whatever party loses an election, their first order of business is to investigate the president and go on a quest to overturn the will of the voters. I didn’t vote for President Trump. A whole lot of people I know did. Their vote means a lot to them, just like mine does to me. The elites in both parties look down on all of us. They think we’re too stupid to know better, so let’s impeach whoever we don’t like.

Here’s an idea.

If these people in Washington are going to be our elected leaders, then they should have enough decency to respect the will of the voters. Whatever differences we have as Americans should be settled at the ballot box and nowhere else.

Jeffrey Perine, Lima


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