Letter: What does an ‘F’ say about schools

After reading the recent article in the paper concerning grades being given area schools, one needs to ask, “Just what are taxpayers getting for the money they spend for schools?” I fully support public schools, even though they haven’t been funded constitutionally for well over two decades, but when a person reads that most of the area schools are graded “F” for “Prepared For Success” what is the problem and what will it take to turn these schools around?

Then one has to ask, is this whole problem something being done by design? Many of the area businesses aren’t paying a living wage. Not trying to sound conspiratorial, but is this a master plan so these area businesses have a steady stream of undereducated potential employees who don’t have the skills that demand a decent wage?

If the children in our schools are supposed to be the future of our country, what does it say about the current school administrations not making sure the students get the education the homeowners have paid for and these kids deserve?

Larry E Donaldson, Elida


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