Letter: A knock on the door

As I settled in to watch Thursday Night Football, and escape all the negative and fake news of the day, my doorbell rang. Upon answering it, I met a young man named Mitch that looked at me and said, “I found this, and I think you are going to need it.”

He was so right. It was my checkbook! I had written a check on the hood of my truck and inadvertently drove off without putting it away. He found it approximately two miles from my home.

This young man should be commended for taking the time to pick it up off the street, in the dark, look up my address, and return it to me. I am sure he had more important things to do. It is episodes like this that restores my faith in humanity, especially the young people … our future leaders. One more time, I will say “Thank You very much Mitch,” you certainly made my day.

Gary Schum, Lima

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