Letter: We don’t live in 18th century

Recently there have been numerous letters (the latest saying guns make us safer) attempting to use the 2ndAmendment, the right to bear arms, as a legitimate cause for ordinary people to own military style weapons at home to protect them from a government overreach of power.

Does it occur to them that our government today could pin-point their property and send a drone to drop a bomb which would leave a pile of rubble? How would an AK-47 protect them?

Why is it so difficult for people in Ohio to realize we are not living in the 18th century of a single-shot musket to shoot at bears roaming the countryside. This is now a 21st century, primarily an urban sociey with millions of people living in cramped areas where guns are more a nuisance (daily accounts of gun violence) instead of the means of protecting us from an intrusive government.

Makes me wonder from what kind of one-room country school house (where a kid could bring his long rifle and leave it in the cloakroom) did these misguided citizens get their education? Could anyone actually believe that in today’s society “we are safer with guns.”

How absurd!

Carl D. Liechty, Bluffton


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