Letter: One day, we must wake up

When Nancy Pelosi said that “No one is above the law,” she is relying on the readers’ short memory.

If the Democratic party really wants justice, it should look to clean its own house first. They talk about collusion with the Russians, while at the same time try to bring down this country by supporting Socialism, is the first step to communism.

If they want to talk about impeaching a president, why have they not asked JAG to look into the acts of high crimes that the former president did. I think of no better example than that of our former commander in chief, in a time of war, returning an aircraft full of money back to a foreign country known to support terrorist; which was most likely used to kill or injure our military personnel, who actually do know what it means to “Obey and defend the Constitution” of these United States.

Hong Kong was asleep when China’s Dragon came in to start oppressing their people. America needs to wake up and vote for someone with some common sense, before the deception of the globalist do the same to us!

Ken Wash, Lima

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