Letter: UAW retirees deserve a vote

It’s contract time once again for the UAW. Will retirees be forgotten again?

We have meant nothing to either company or union, only being remembered when they want to take our benefits. When I hired into the new auto engine plant, retirement was way off in the future. We were glad for the job ! As we were getting set up to run, two people would carry cast iron blocks from one operation to the next. We had men taking pictures of the automation. Turned out they were from Japan. They learned a lot and took it home with them!

We breathed in a lot of cast iron dust. Still, it was a great place to work and one thing was every contract they made sure that the retirees got enough to keep them up with the cost of living and that is what it should be. They worked and served their time!

Then came the hurt. Foreign cars came to America.To help the auto industry we gave up some of our benefits that we received in contracts. Many bonuses were lost. Stock plunged , they gave us an option to receive $20 a share, so that was one thing. I sent in the paperwork about 10 or 12 years ago. I’m still waiting.

UAW retirees should still be voting on our contracts. These contracts concern us. We now have a president who is working to get jobs back in America. We should try and help. We can be very grateful to live in America ! Freedom is not Free!

Edward Shick, Elida

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