Letter: I don’t think I’m dangerous

San Francisco has labeled me a terrorist, and Dr. Kelly Anspaugh has labeled me as a clear and present danger to society.


I am a gun owner and a lifetime member of the NRA.

Personally, I do not think that I fall into either category and we should all probably take a look at the facts. It will take a Constitutional Amendment to remove the 2nd Amendment from the Constitution and that will require a two-thirds majority of the states.

• More than 88,000 people died from alcohol related deaths last year. S0, we must get rid of alcohol.

• More than 250,000 people died from medical mistakes made by the medical profession. So, do we get rid of doctors?

• More than 40,000 people died in car accidents. Does this mean we get rid of cars?

Gun deaths were just under 40,000 in 2018 from all causes (including accidental), but the others get better press coverage.

I fail to see or understand, how getting rid of any of my personal firearms is going to save even one life. Explain this to me.

David W Gudakunst, Elida


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