Letter: Dog attacks; nothing done

I was taking my usual 2- to 3-mile walk in a subdivision that I have walked for nine years. I have been by this house and said hello to its occupants for many years. Their dogs are always out and quickly taken in or hooked up at last minute.

On this day, however, I was not so lucky. The owners did not see me coming, but I saw the big dog coming at full speed toward me. I stood completely still and didn’t move and as they screamed at their dog it jumped up and bit me on my right forearm. It drew blood from four puncture wounds and there was some bruising. I had to go for a tetanus shot and strong meds and ointment. My bill: $476.50.

I worried about rabies and still have never been told by the Health Department, dog warden or Shawnee police if the dog had its shots. I had to go back to the owner and plead with her to tell me so I had some kind of peace of mind. We had our insurance company send the homeowner a letter stating that we needed them to contact us and for them to take care of our bills. We have heard nothing even though three people witnessed what happened. Nobody has stood behind me.

This dog could go on to bite more people or possibly injure a child.

Jill Sarven, Lima


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