Letter: Wind, solar better than nuke

There may not be enough time to collect the required signatures on the petition to put the referendum against the law passed from HB 6 on the November 2020 ballot. But, a large majority of Ohio voters know how draconian the law is so the law will be rescinded then or later.

Proponents of the law are urging voters to not sign the petition. It is unusual to spend large amounts of money on commercials against an issue before it is on a ballot. But the company which owns the two dangerous and obsolete nuclear electricity generating plant on Lake Erie will go bankrupt if this law is rescinded. A section of the law allows the continued operation of the dirtiest coal-fueled plants to generate electricity for Ohio. Coal interests are contributing the largest amount of money to fund these deceptive commercials. The lies are similar to those used to promote HB 6 when it was being passed in the General Assembly. By a strange stretch, China is blamed for “causing the referendum to take away American jobs.” A Chinese Bank has helped finance gas-fired electricity generators, but that gives China no control of it.

Ohio laws and local regulations make it difficult to install wind turbines. If wind turbines and solar panels are allowed to be manufactured and installed by Ohioans, many more good-paying jobs will be created than the 1,400 jobs employees at the nuclear plants would lose if they close.

It is a constitutional right of citizens to control legislation by referendum.

We should help collect signatures and inform relatives, friends, acquaintances and strangers about this serious issue.

Albert A. Gabel

Professor Emeritus

Ohio State University


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