Letter: Scramble a bad idea

I wasn’t able to attend the fair this year, due to scheduling conflicts, but, after having read Sandra Harrison and Marilyn Gratz’s letters about the livestock scramble, I’m glad I didn’t attend, as I refuse to endorse animal cruelty.

Miss Gratz and Miss Harrison were absolutely right in denouncing the livestock scramble. How can young children wrestling piglets and chickens to the ground be considered cute, entertaining, or anything but inhumane? I thought we’ve evolved from the days when bears and lions were starved half to death and pitted in the coliseum to fight against gladiators or other animals in Ancient Rome. Even then, though, the animals had a fighting chance, unlike these poor creatures subjected to this cruelty.

If I were a father, I would forbid my children from participating in this. Children in general should not be allowed to participate in this. They must be taught that all animals, tame or wild, should be respected, as they are all part of the great circle of life. Unless this cruel practice is abolished, it’s safe to say that I will not be attending the fair next year or any other year.

Thomas Miller Huffman, Lima

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