Letter: Happy with change

I have been employed with Siferd Funeral Home for over 32 years.

On August 1, the funeral home was purchased by yet another firm. That makes four, and and maybe five, different owners during my employment. Some of them were international, some were corporate, in the beginning it was family-owned. I have to admit they were all very good to me. The same has happened this time, we were purchased by a wonderful family owned funeral business based in Bowling Green — The Hanneman Family Funeral Homes.

Kraig and Kay Hanneman have become friends to me; they care about my family (asking about them all the time). And not knowing me from Adam…they have opened their hearts and arms to me and welcomed me like family! They care about my opinions and welcome any advice I give them. They make me feel valued.

My new manager, Jamie Sizemore is also one incredible person, with lots of heart and compassion for his families and his staff! I enjoy everyday that I come to this building which I have been coming to for approximately 7,500 days.

I am 66 years old. With this being the end time of my employment days, I just wanted to say, that this acquisition was to me one of complete apprehension, but has turned out to be a time of complete satisfaction and confidence. What the Siferd family started out to accomplish will be continued.

Nancy Pothast, Office Manager

SIFERD CHAPEL of the Hanneman Family Funeral Homes

Lima, Ohio


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