Letter: Enough of the guns already

Don Stratton’s column of August 24th (“Knee-Jerk Gun Laws Are Not the Answer”) states, “It is ludicrous for anyone to say that guns cause crime, when actually the societal changes, brought on by the liberal ideology that has been growing for the last 50-odd years, are the major cause of today’s mess.”

If liberal ideology is the cause of gun violence, why is it that countries whose governments and cultures are much more liberal or socialistic than ours (for example Donald Trump’s favorite, Norway) have much lower rates of gun violence?

I do agree with Stratton that social deviancy is the cause of a great deal of the gun violence in our country. But I do not think the name of that deviancy is “liberalism.” Rather its name is “gun fetishism,” AKA, “gun-nuttery.”

Think about it.

We live in a country where, in the immediate aftermath of the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre — where a gun-nut armed with an AR-15 slaughtered 20 innocent little children — the knee-jerk response of millions of Americans was, “Oh no! Now they’ll be coming for my precious guns!” They honestly believe their right to keep and bear arms supersedes another person’s right to exist. They believe their right play Rambo on the weekend with an AR-15 trumps another person’s right to go to the local mall without worrying about being slaughtered.

If we want to stop the carnage, we need to change our attitude. We can no longer afford to look upon those who love their gun more than they love their neighbor as harmless eccentrics. They are a clear and present danger to our society.

Dr. Kelly Anspaugh, Ada


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