Letter: Cesspool of our societal problems

More mass killings, horrible. Something really needs to be done to prevent these needless deaths, but what. The call for gun control is championed by many as corrective action. It seems to be common sense to tightly control who can have guns, especially high-speed automatics; but of equal common sense is the argument of those who, like the framers of the Constitution, do not trust big government. However, a big omission by control activists is that gun control is the lone discussed significant method of correcting the problem with no meaningful discussion to address prevention of the people factor, for there is truth to arguments that guns do not kill people, but people kill people.

A very large point is missed in that many, if not most, gun control supporters rightly focus on the unacceptable nature of these killings while hypocritically finding the violent murder of a million infants per year to be fully acceptable and supportable. What is the difference between shooters and abortionists? They both violently kill innocent human beings who should have a life’s fulfillment ahead of them. Medical equipment is used to slaughter innocent little ones. Does that mean there should be control laws to prevent such equipment from getting into the hands of the murderers of babies?

The only effective correction for both requires addressing the root cause which is that we Americans supplant the will of God with the very arbitrary will of humans. This nurtures the cesspool from which our societal problems are born.

James Powell, Lima


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