Letter: People problem, not gun problem

The former Lima police inspector, Don Stratton, speaks with a lot of wisdom. His editorial titled “Knee-Jerk laws not the answer to mass shootings” has once again hit the nail on the head for the many reasons these despicable and senseless mass shootings are being carried out. The people of this country need to realize we have a people problem, not a gun problem. Making more gun laws has no effect on those deranged shooters who purchase guns legally.

The loss of Christian values, discipline in the home and schools, the acceptance of violence and perversion from Hollywood, social media, and game makers is poisoning the minds of those who eventually hold no value of human life. How many zombies have been slaughtered on prime time? How many murders, shootings, rapes, and robberies are watched every evening on TV by children who have no parental guidance or control?

As time goes by our society has been changing for the worse. I hope as a nation we can stop this violence and find and remove those not fit to live in a peaceful society. The Dayton mass shooter (Conner Betts) would have continued his murderous rampage except for the quick actions of the Dayton police who stopped him dead within 32 seconds of his rampage. Remember this because it’s true; the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.

William G. Kimmel, Harrod


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