Letter: Hate and guns kill people

There are two fallacies that I would like to address regarding mass shootings. The first fallacy is one that is being often repeated by President Trump: Mass shooters are mentally ill. In fact, most of the people responsible for mass shootings are not mentally ill. The primary motivation is usually hate, and people who are motivated by hate may be evil, but they do not fit the clinical definition for mental illness.

The second fallacy, guns don’t kill, people kill, is a distinction without a difference. Guns are tools designed to kill. You could also argue, saws don’t cut, people cut; hammers don’t drive nails, people drive nails; drills don’t bore holes, people bore holes. All true, but try building a house without tools.

If we are ever going to come up with a solution for these mass shootings, we at least need to understand what’s causing the problem. When you combine a hate filled person with a gun, you have a deadly combination. Mass murder probably cannot be completely stopped, but why do we have to make it so incredibly easy?

James Carr, Celina


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